Community Connectivity Plan

In response to the 2015 Town Council Goal Statement that set the goal to “take the necessary steps to improve the overall connectivity of the community”, the Town Council began the development and formal review of the 2016 draft Community Connectivity Plan (CCP).

In July 2016, the Town of Snowmass Village Planning Commission passed Resolution NO. 07, Series 2016: finding that the draft 2016 Community Connectivity Plan (CCP) is consistent with the 2010 Comprehensive Plan (the most recent plan at the time) and recommended the adoption of the Draft CCP to the Town Council.

Over the intervening years, the document was reviewed a number of times by the Town Council, but there was never a consensus to adopt the document. After adopting the 2021 Town Council Goal statement, the Council again started to review the document. The CCP is to be a planning document that recommends clear goals and objectives that will guide existing operations and inform the prioritization of future projects. 

Each of these individual projects will continue to be considered through the annual budget process.