Winter Driving

Keeping our Roads Safe

The Road Division has followed a snow removal plan using up-to-date equipment and technology to care for the approximately 150 inches of snow that fall on the Town’s roadways during an average winter season. However, drivers should always exercise extreme in winter conditions.

Snow Removal Plan

The Public Works Road Division’s goal is to provide snow and ice control and to keep the roadways clean of dust and gravel in a professional and proactive manner. They do this according to a snow removal strategy (PDF) that prioritizes roadways according to traffic volumes, public safety requirements, bus routes, and access for emergency equipment.

The Town’s fleet of snow fighting equipment is readied as soon as snow is forecasted. The Road Division crew consists of 7 operators scheduled from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. seven days a week during the ski season.

Chain Laws in Snowmass Village:

Snowmass Village puts a chain law into effect during major snow storms, which requires all vehicles to have adequate snow tires or chains before driving in Town. Chain laws are announced through Pitkin Alert, VMS roadway signs, Grassroots TV, and on the Town’s social media pages.

Other Winter Driving Resources:

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Winter Driving Tips