Special Event Application Requirements

The Special Event Application Requirements may change or be added to upon request, but they typically consist of the following:

Submit a Pre-Application With Basic Details:

Your pre-application is the first step of the application process and helps Town Staff understand the details of your event before you take the time to submit an entire application. It also allows staff to ensure your event is in line with our Principles and Policies (PDF). Upon review and conditional approval (5-10 business days), you will receive an email notification from our system directing you to provide specific information for the rest of the application.

Provide Operational Plans and Event Details:

Depending on the size and scope of your event, you will need to provide the following operational plans with your event application. Town staff will add some or all of the following requirements to your application. 

  • The pre-application should be completed at least 60 - 90 days prior to your event date based on the size/impact of your event.
    • 30 days prior small scale- 0-500 attendees
    • 60 days prior med. scale - 501-1500 attendees
    • 90 days prior large scale- 1501+ attendees

Parking, Transportation, and Traffic Control Plan

This plan requires a written description of how you will ensure the safe arrival and departure event attendees, participants, volunteers, vendors and staff in a timely manner, and how you will manage the vehicles associated with your event. Your plan should also encourage the use of alternate transportation and include methods for mitigating traffic congestion.

Security & Safety Plan

For certain events, a professional licensed security company may also be required to be staffed at your event, in addition to first aid stations and checkpoints. This plan also asks for a detailed narrative of how the event venue will be evacuated in the case of an emergency.

Public law enforcement services may be charged out at a rate to be determined in your agreement with the Chief of Police. The Chief of Police reserves the right to staff events as deemed necessary in the best interest of public safety.

Communication Plan

Effective communication between the applicant, the event organizer, participants, and event staff can be the key to a smooth operating event. Your communication plan requires you to provide communication details, such as radio channels, phone numbers, staff contacts, etc.

Alcohol Mitigation Plan

Required for all events that plan on serving alcohol, the alcohol mitigation plan requires details on how your event will ID participants, obtain a liquor license, secure the perimeters, and meet all other liquor serving laws and requirements. Special Event Liquor License

Medical Plan

Medical and emergency service needs of the attendees and participants are an important consideration. All day events, the service of alcohol, and event activities that pose an increased risk of injury are all reasons to provide a medical plan, which requires details such as aid stations, EMTs, ambulances, and other emergency services that will be available at your event.

Parks Management Plan

A parks management plan is required for all events taking place on Town parks, trails, or other facilities. It requires information on how your event will use the fields, set up, and take down.

Food, Sanitation, and Wildlife Protection Plan

One of the most important plans is how you will manage food service and waste disposal at your event. This plan requires you to obtain a State food service license, if applicable, specify how trash/recycling will be handled, and how you will meet the Town's Wildlife Protection Ordinances when food or food products are present.

Tent or Temporary Structure Permit Application

As required by the SWFPD, large temporary structures must be reviewed and approved by the fire district. Permit for Temporary Membrane, Structure, Tent, or Canopies.

Public Notification and Communications Plan

Some events may be required to notify the public and all neighbors through a notification process and provide basic marketing and communications information to the Town for dissemination to the general public.

Site Plan / Route Map

Perhaps the most important piece of your application is a map. Events are required to upload a site map or race course map with their application that specifies the location, perimeter, route, and locations of required facilities/amenities/services.

Within the site plan, the applicant must also upload written permission from the property owner to use the site/venue, if the applicant does not own the property.

Fireworks Permit

If your event involves fireworks/pyrotechnics, the TOSV Police Department/ SWFPD must approve your request, and the final permit must be uploaded before the Town will approve the event.

Sales Tax and Business License

All events and event vendors selling goods must have a permanent or temporary TOSV business license. If you are a first-time user to MuniRevs make sure to select Special Event as the license and activity type.

Insurance and Liability

All event applicants must name the "Town of Snowmass Village, its officers, employees and agents" as an additional insured party with a minimum of $1 million general liability coverage. A COI must be uploaded with your application.

In addition, all applicants must indemnify the Town and upload a completed indemnification certificate.

Pay the Application Fee & Security Deposit

A $250 permit fee is due with your application, which helps us cover our administrative costs for reviewing applications and maintaining the application software. 

You can pay your fees online.

Agree to the Terms & Conditions of Approval

The final step to receiving your permit is agreeing to the Conditions of Approval, which are attached to your event application. These conditions outline the rules, regulations, and ordinances that your event will be subject to with your final permit.

Debrief After Your Event

We can all learn a lot from past experiences, and we don't want those lessons to be forgotten the next time you host your event. A "Debrief" section is added to your application after the event which allows staff and the applicant to have a dialogue about any necessary changes to the event and to celebrate what about the event worked well. In some circumstance, Town staff may require particular events to have the event debrief in person.

This debrief section is then saved and referenced if your event returns in future years.

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