Lower Kearns Road Culvert Project

Project Background

In late June 2023, the culvert below Brush Creek Road failed in the vicinity of lower Kearns Road. This failure produced a large sinkhole in the area. The Town implemented an emergency stabilization of the sinkhole to ensure public safety and decrease future damage to the surrounding infrastructure. 

This reconstruction project will provide a permanent replacement of the culvert and roadway in the affected area. The design is currently in development. Construction will be broken into two phases to minimize traffic impacts on the community.

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Project Updates

Construction began mid-August to repair the failed culvert immediately downhill from Lower Kearns Road. The project's first construction phase will run through December. Phase 1 construction includes the replacement of the failed section of the culvert (northern portion) and roadway reconstruction. 

Two-way traffic on Brush Creek Road will be maintained with a re-alignment. Delineators were installed to provide a visual cue of the center line during snow events and assist drivers with the realignment of Brush Creek Road. 


  • The project area will have one-way alternating traffic with flaggers on Wednesday (2/12) from approximately 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. This is weather-dependent, and the final schedule will be determined and communicated next week.
  • During a couple of days of shifting traffic on Brush Creek Rd to implement the Phase 2 site setup, Lower Kearns will most likely need to be closed. This should occur the first week of March. More information to follow.

The schedule for Phase 2 of construction is still to be determined but will include replacing the southern section of the culvert below Brush Creek Road. Additional information will be shared as it becomes available.

Kearns Culvert Project Map