Town Park Planned Improvements

Town Park is a large parcel of parkland located at the entrance to Snowmass Village along Brush Creek Road. Often referred to as the Entryway to Snowmass, Town Park includes the rodeo grounds, Snowmass Village Recreation Center, multipurpose fields, skate park, tennis courts, and many other park amenities.

Performing updates to Town Park is a priority for Town Council and POSTR Board. The park's central location and usage make it an important amenity to maintain. Town Park is the largest parcel of flat, green space in the community, and plays host year-round to events, recreation opportunities, and use by the community. It also serves as an access point to the Town's IMBA Gold Level trails and transit leading to the Snowmass Ski Area. Town Park hosts an outdoor rodeo, recreational events, and music. Town Park is heavily utilized and is faced with an increasing need to accommodate demand.  

Town Council received unanimous support from POSTR Board and Planning Commission to improve the park. Town Council has supported the Town Park Master Plan (PDF), directing Town Staff to begin construction on Phase I in 2023.

Project Timeline

Town Park Phase I: 2023-2024

Phase I will complete the development of the multi-purpose activity fields north of the rodeo arena, the parking lot to the south of the rodeo arena, a filtration pond to protect the water quality, the reorientation of the rodeo grounds, and the installation of a bleacher structure which will provide the framework necessary for the Parks & Trails maintenance facility. Phase One will impact less than 1/10th of an acre of the pond's perimeter, but as amended in Ordinance 05 2022 Town Staff will not proceed with further Pond and Wetland projects without Town Council's approval.

This proposed maintenance facility will be a central hub for Parks & Trails Maintenance crews and their equipment. The planned facility will have garage bays for equipment and maintenance, office space, a restroom, a workshop, and storage for all equipment and supplies (currently stored around Town and outside). This facility will be constructed under the new bleacher structure and will be accessible from the north side (park side) of the bleachers. The facility will contribute to the Department's continued success now and into the future while utilizing the limited space at Town Park in the most efficient way possible.

Construction began after the final Snowmass Western Heritage Association's (SWHA) rodeo in 2023 and will conclude in the spring of 2024 before the next rodeo season. Town Council approved a budget of $5.3 million for Phase I construction.

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Town Park Future Phases 

Future phases focus on improving the pond area at Town Park and include an ADA-accessible track along the entirety of the pond's banks, a fishing pier, beach head, and dredging the middle of the pond for wildlife habitat and water storage. A unique-to-Colorado ADA ramp leading to a shallow play area is also included.

Future phases also create additional wetland accessibility with a trailhead and parking area, ADA-accessible trails to the pond and boardwalk area, and single-track trails providing better access to popular Town trails and Pitkin County’s Sky Mountain Park. Educational signage will be provided along the boardwalks for relaxing leisure recreation. A bridge across the waterway connecting Town and County trail systems will also be added.

Photo 2 - Original Adopted Master Plan - 2020