Public Comment & Participation for Public Meetings

Public Comments

Have a comment for the Town Council? Complete the Public Comment form online. Staff may be following up with you with more information.

In Advance of A Meeting

Call (970) 923-3777 and leave a voicemail message for Council or staff before the day of the meeting. Please specify that the message is intended for a specific meeting.

Alternatively, you can provide written comments by emailing the Town Council

Virtual & Hybrid Meeting Public Participation  

Public engagement is a critical component of the civic process. The Town of Snowmass Village values the input it receives from the public during meetings and offers a variety of methods for participation, both in-person and virtually. 

Unable to attend a Town Council or other public meeting, but want to make your voice heard? The Town provides alternative ways for residents to participate in public meetings!

View the Live Stream

You can watch a live stream of Town Council meetings online via the website. Live-streamed meetings are indicated by a "watch live" icon on the list. Select this button to watch the meeting live. Other public meetings are recorded for public viewing and are also available online.

View the Live Broadcast

Tune in to local Comcast cable channel 11 or 881 to watch the Town Council meeting. For full channel programming, visit GrassRoots Community Network.

Participate Virtually

The public may participate in Town Council or other public meetings virtually during the public comment period. The Town uses Microsoft Teams to host its virtual meetings. Interested members of the public may register for a meeting by clicking the registration link provided at the top of each Town Council Meeting Agenda

Virtual participation in other Town meetings may be available. Please check with the organizing department or board to see if virtual meeting participation is allowed.

By default, your camera and microphone will be disabled upon entering the meeting. When an opportunity to speak arises, please use the "raise hand" feature so staff can allow you to comment. Please note that comments are often time-limited and that the chat feature of Teams is not monitored as part of the meeting.

Virtual Meeting Accommodation

Should you have additional needs that exceed the above options, Town staff will do their best to accommodate you. Please email the Town Clerk with any questions about alternative ways to participate. 

As a reminder, the Town Council meets on the first & third Mondays of each month and holds a workshop on the second Monday of the month. Agendas and minutes of meetings can be found on our website.