Reduce Your Impact

Help Protect our Natural Assets

Residents and visitors of Snowmass Village all play an important role in maintaining the natural assets we value as a community. 

How You Can Help

1) Complete a home energy audit

Our partners at Energy Smart Colorado and CORE are offering FREE Home Energy Assessments to help improve the comfort, safety , and efficiency of homes in Snowmass Village. The Energy Smart Assessment includes:

  • A comprehensive evaluation of your home’s energy use.
  • Safety testing for radon and carbon monoxide.
  • $100 worth of “quick fixes” to help you save energy immediately - which could include a programmable thermostat, efficient light bulbs, pipe wrap, weather stripping, and more.

This $400 value is FREE to Snowmass Village Residents! Take advantage of this offer and schedule your assessment today. Call 970-925-9775 or visit Energy Smart Colorado.

After your assessment, Energy Smart Advisors will help you apply for rebates or financing to support energy upgrades. With CORE’s Energy Smart rebate program, you can receive up to $1,000 in energy-efficient rebates and $3,000 in rebates for renewable energy.

2) Sign up for Holy Cross Energy's Renewable Energy Purchase Program

Thanks to Holy Cross and their new REPP, you can switch your home to renewable energy and zero electric carbon emissions instantly.

Sign up for REPP

3) Leave the car at home

Take the free Village Shuttle to reduce auto emissions.

4) Sort your recycling properly

Contamination is the biggest challenge in maintaining a viable and cost-effective recycling program. The Town does not have the resources to separate trash and other contaminant items from recyclable items—so they all get thrown away. Visit our Recycling page for guidelines.

5) Begin composting at your home or business

Beginning January 1, 2022, the Town of Snowmass Village will host its own location to compost residential food waste! There will be NO ADDITIONAL COSTS to our customers for the use of this container!

The compost container and services will take the place of the electronic recycling dumpster. Electronics can still be properly disposed of at the Pitkin County Landfill. For more information about electronics recycling please contact the Pitkin County Landfill at 970-429-2880. 

Learn more about composting online.

6) Use Re-Usable Items

Avoid single-use items, when possible. Don't forget to take your re-usable bags to the grocery store, and re-fill your water bottle instead of using multiple plastic bottles or cups.

Stay Informed

Sign up to receive notifications from the Environmental Advisory Board and learn more about programs available through area organizations and non- profits including:

Calculate your carbon footprint

Use the carbon calculator to see where you’re emitting the most, and devise reduction strategies that work best for you.