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Environmental Leadership Award Nomination Form 2020


  1. 1. Award Background & Info
  2. 2. Your Information (individual submitting application)
  3. 3. Nominee Information (who you are nominating for this award)
  4. 4. Project Information
  • Award Background & Info

    1. About the Award

      The Town of Snowmass Village's Environmental Leadership Award celebrates local leadership and commitment to environmental stewardship through policies, programs, or actions focused on energy conservation, water quality and/or conservation, and waste reduction and recycling.

    2. EAB

    3. Requirements

      All Nominations must be received before 12 noon MST on Monday, January 27, 2020. Nominees should be organizations or businesses located and/or operating in the Town, or impacting the Town and regional environment. Other nominations are welcomed and will be considered.

    4. Selection Criteria and Process

      Projects will be evaluated as much as possible on the quantifiable results that positively affect the environment. After the submission deadline, the Environmental Advisory Board will review all nominations received. In selecting awardees, the Board will consider the following criteria:

      • Success: Can the impact(s) of the project/action be measured against a stated goal?
      • Cost effectiveness: Does the project/action achieve much for little expense?
      • Applicability: Are the action's effects easily reproduced, or do they lend themselves to widespread use? Are they likely to encourage other actions to benefit the Town environment?
      • Leadership: Does the project/action demonstrate vision, foresight, or persistence?
      • Visibility: Is the project/action highly visible? How has the community been made aware of it?
      • Impact on the Town of Snowmass Village: Does the project/action enhance the Town’s public image?
      • Type of Positive Benefit: What positive benefits are created as a result of the project/action? These might include preservation of a valuable resource or restoration/enlargement of one; removal/reduction of negative conditions; written and/or graphic material that will educate and inspire Town residents

    5. Award Timeline:

      • The deadline for nominations is 12 noon MST on Monday, January 27, 2020
      • The EAB will select the award recipient(s) at their meeting in February.
      • Awards will be presented to the recipient(s) at a spring Town Council meeting,