Who is eligible to rent employee housing?
First priority renters must be full-time employees in the town to be considered. To qualify as a Snowmass Village employee, your employer must have an office or business located within the town. A full-time employee is defined as someone who works a full shift or 40-hour week; whichever is applicable at his/her place of his/her employment, the equivalent of eight months or more during each 12-month period. The Housing Department provides a full list of employee housing tenant qualifications.

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1. Who is eligible to rent employee housing?
2. What are the housing rental rates?
3. How do I apply to rent or purchase employee housing?
4. Which rental applicants are given priority?
5. How long will it take for me to get an apartment?
6. Do I need to call the housing office to keep my rental application active?
7. Does the Housing Department have seasonal rentals?