Why a roundabout?
Brush Creek Rd. and Wood Rd. is the busiest intersection in Snowmass Village. Looking at current traffic patterns and adequately planning for additional traffic volume in the future (due to continued expansion of the ski area and planned development at Base Village), the Town has been exploring measures to plan for infrastructure improvements for some time. The Town's Comprehensive Plan outlines the desire and importance to keep the rural character of Snowmass and not widen roads. Furthermore, our municipal code dictates that we maintain a level of service grade ‘C’ in Snowmass Village (Level of service measures congestion for roadways and intersections, and is based on numerical data on traffic volumes, speed, and delays).

As early as 2000 a roundabout was deemed as the best option to maintain the character of the community but also meet increasing multi-modal transportation demands with an acceptable level of service. The technical details of the roundabout’s design have continued to evolve since 2004, but the ultimate goal to install a safe intersection for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and provide a welcoming statement to the community while working within the existing design constraints remains.

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1. Why a roundabout?
2. Is this a safe option for pedestrians?
3. What about impacts to the Snowmass Conoco?
4. What will happen to traffic on Brush Creek Rd. when the roundabout is being constructed?
5. What will the roundabout look like?
6. Where are we now and what’s next?