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Jun 17

Understanding the Town's 'Comp & Class' Study

Posted on June 17, 2014 at 11:46 AM by Kelly Vaughn

During the Jun. 16th Town Council meeting, ESM Consulting gave a presentation on the recently completed Compensation and Classification Study, which shows how the Town stacks up in employee pay and benefits in comparison to similar communities.

Using the Colo. Municipal League and other available data, ESM compared midpoints of the Town’s pay scales with the average rates of pay in the market for similar work. This is done in order to ensure the Town’s pay scales remain competitive.

For some positions (such as housing, solid waste, and tourism) that are not common in municipal governments, private sector data was used for comparison.
Overall, they matched over 80 positions for this study.

Based on their research ESM didn’t recommend pay adjustments, as the Town made proper adjustments after the recession to keep pay scales competitive and in-line with market averages.

The presentation also covered analysis of employee benefit packages, including health and retirement benefits. ESM advised that when it comes to healthcare, the Town is facing many similar challenges as other municipalities under the new Affordable Care Act.

Based on their research ESM observed that health insurance is slightly more generous than the market average, the retirement contributions were well below. Adjustments in these areas—they recommended—are strategic decisions that need to be made by the Town.

Want to learn more about the results of the study? Check out the presentation here or view the full report in the Council packet.


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