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May 28

Lost and Found Ring Strikes Personal Note with Snowmass PD

Posted on May 28, 2014 at 3:32 PM by Kelly Vaughn

Today's Snowmass Sun featured a touching article about a lost engagement ring found on the Snowmass Ski Area by a 6th grade student. Snowmass Village Police Sergeant Brian Olson, and Officer Lara Xaiz shared their personal experiences working with the individuals involved in this compelling lost and found story.

Q: What about this story is so special to you personally?

Olson: Our department was involved in this on many levels. First, we had an officer (Lara Xaiz working for SkiCo) on scene helping to search in the snow. That officer saw firsthand the heartbreak the couple was experiencing. Then the officer who took the “lost” report also developed sympathy for the newly engaged couple. I was the lucky one who was contacted by the sixth grade class representative and put their story together with our lost report, and contacted the couple with the good news. I felt very lucky to be the one to deliver that special news.

Xaiz: I was working mountain security the day that Jessica was looking for her ring with her fiancé on Fanny Hill. There were 8-10 ski patrollers and I participating in the search. The couple was here visiting friends and had just gotten engaged on New Year’s Eve. As they walked home that night, the ring slipped off of her finger. They searched for some time that night, then resumed their search the following day with our help.

Q: When you received the report about the lost ring, did you ever think Ms. Cohen would ever see it again? How often are individuals reunited with lost items?
Olson: It is very rare that someone is reunited with their lost property. But with that said, I would always recommend people report the loss to as many places or businesses as they can.

Xaiz: I thought there was a small chance that the ring would be found, but wasn’t sure anybody would turn it in. But I have been surprised before. I’ve had a wallet turned in to me that contained $3600 in cash!

Q: Is there anything you’d like to say to Alexis Zeringue, her classmates and/or her teacher?

Olson: I am proud to live in the same community as Alex and her class. They set an extreme example of good Karma and “what goes around comes around!”

Xaiz: Alexis must have been looking very hard for trash to find a small ring in the dirt and mud. Way to go!

Q: What can you recommend to others who may lose an item that’s important to them in Snowmass Village?
Olson: Always, always report your loss to local authorities and any other business you think the finder could come in contact with.

Xaiz: For lost items in Snowmass Village make sure to report it to the Police, and to the Ski Co lost and found…..and never give up hope!


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