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May 29

Community Survey Adds Value to Base Village Discussions

Posted on May 29, 2014 at 11:25 AM by Kelly Vaughn

In fall, 2013, the Town of Snowmass Village conducted a comprehensive community survey to measure performance, prioritize, and plan. With a record response rate, the survey remains an incredibly valuable and frequently referenced tool as we undertake large planning projects.

Currently the Town is involved in a series of pre-sketch plan meetings with the Snowmass Acquisition Company, LLC on the future of Base Village, the second of which is planned for Thursday, May 29th at 4 p.m. As we engage in these conversations, it's important to reference what we've already learned from past community outreach.

Several key points arose from the community survey that help us lay a constructive foundation for Thursday's meeting:

1. Finish Base Village
All demographics surveyed: year-round residents, part-time residents, employees, non-residents, identified finishing Base Village as one of the two biggest areas of opportunity for the town.

Commsurvey areas of opp.png2. Build sense of community
Survey respondents shared their desire to build upon a strong sense of community, with specific ideas offered:
  • Develop affordable attractions or activities for families
  • Provide a central meeting space for locals (which will in turn draw tourists)
  • Expand and diversify dining and retail options 
  • Attract and retain local businesses

Interestingly, several respondents commented that the same events, amenities, or activities that bring the community together will also provide those outside the community with a stronger reason to visit Snowmass Village.

3. Enhance year-round economic vitality
Whether asked about ideas to promote year-round tourism, areas of opportunity for the Town, or priorities for the future, strong themes arose.

  • Provide/maintain easy access to the ski area and area trails
  • Maintain our natural environment, scenery, and open space
  • Continue to focus on summer events and conferences, and expand the infrastructure to support them
  • Focus on arts and culture
  • Capitalize on the Ice Age Discovery
  • Provide recreational off-mountain opportunities for families, such as an ice rink

4. Improve parking
Across all demographics surveyed, parking was the most common concern related to Snowmass Village shuttle service, parking, or roads. Respondents indicated that their most common mode of transportation to/from Base Village was passenger vehicle. Several comments expressed concern about Base Village garage access and layout.

Commsurvey parking responses 1.png

Now What?

We hope you attend or follow tomorrow's meeting to provide more specific feedback on four key topics related to Base Village. Your continued engagement is a valuable asset as we continue to refine our thinking, and chart a course for the future.The four specific topic areas we will be discussing are residential/commercial mix revisions, project phasing and vesting, transportation, and community purposes/aquatic center.


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