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May 28

Town Council Talks Strategy

Posted on May 28, 2013 at 4:56 PM by Kelly Vaughn

During the May 20th Town Council meeting, Town Manager Russ Forrest walked council members through a strategic planning document intended to lay out goals and actions to achieve success in the Town's four core service areas in 2013:
  1. Ensure a vibrant and safe community
  2. Support a healthy and sustainable resort economy 
  3. Facilitate the responsible development and maintenance of the built environment and town infrastructure 
  4. Achieve a sustainable natural environment

In March, Council discussed the first two service areas were covered, so they zeroed in more specifically on areas three and four.

Built Environment and Town Infrastructure
Built Environment

  • Is the application process for redevelopment in TOSV too onerous, expensive, or time intensive? Council discussed ways to facilitate a discussion on ways to encourage redevelopment in the Village without unintended consequences.
  • What does "financially sustainable" mean in the context of the development review process? Council acknowledged that ensuring projects were financially secure, but sought ways to clarify this goal and how it could be carried out through specific actions and processes.
  • Council requested additional education on existing entitlements with Base Village to prepare them to work with appropriate parties to development and implement a sustainable future for Base Village.


  • The group reinforced the need to discuss the efficiency and optimization of Village Shuttle free transit. Is it appropriate for the Village Shuttle to reduce schedule intervals at low times of the day?

  • They identified the opportunity to put more effort put toward increasing awareness of free transportation as a key component of being a premier resort.
  • In the long-term, where will the commercial nodes be? And, how does this understanding impact the dedication of dollars and infrastructure in a way that charts the course the community wants to pursue? Council requested the facilitation of a strategic discussion on the critical questions for transportation in West Village. 
  • They stressed importance of a long-term capital replacement plan for Town-owned buildings and assets.

Achieve a Sustainable Natural Environment

  • The plan throws a strong challenge at the organization to embrace a culture of environmental sustainability in Town governance and services that consistently and directly influences its operations and decision making.
  • A cost-benefit analysis should always be a consideration in all of these decisions.In fact, this analysis should be applied across all four core service areas.

  • Developing plans to adapt to climate change is an essential strategic action that should be considered by all Town departments. 
  • Any updates to the Town's Sustainability Plan (which would encompass carbon reduction goals and others) would need to include resource needs, and a sustainable funding stream to meet Town sustainability goals.

Engaging the Community

  • The PTRAB Board recommended that the Council acknowledges the need to enhance civic engagement between residents (both full and part-time) and their government.

Interested in following the full discussion? Watch the Town Council meeting online. Then, tell us what you think. What strategic areas do you think Council should focus on in 2013? Weigh in below.


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