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May 15

A Small Town with a Large Energy Appetite

Posted on May 15, 2013 at 2:01 PM by Kelly Vaughn

The Town is working with CORE to develop and issue an RFP to find an efficiency and/or renewable solution that can be implemented to offset major Town energy expenses. If a great solution comes to the table (a proven technology that provides a satisfactory return-on-investment, and is in-keeping with community values), Town would consider the investment of Holy Cross Community Enhancement Fund to implement.

Why consider this investment when there are a lot of other projects that this money could go toward? The short answer is, we are a small Town that uses a lot of energy.

But, with the right investment, we can offset our energy use, and a significant Town expense to create a long-term source of revenue that could insulate the community from volatile energy prices, and protect the natural environment that our resort economy directly depends on.

Energy Use: Behind the Numbers
In 2012...
  • Snowmass Village Town Hall used as much electricity as 8.8 average homes
  • Town operated snowmelt systems used the same amount of natural gas (in Therms) as approximately 828 water heaters, at a cost of $254,701
  • In total, the Town spend $441,528 on energy
  • The Town emitted 2,733.7 tons of CO2, the equivalent of 536 passenger vehicles
  • The biggest emitters include natural gas use in buildings and snowmelt, and electricity use in buildings and snowmelt.

Update on Work-To-Date
Since a community open house in April, we have received a lot of great ideas, and some words of caution. Community members want to make sure that the right experts are at the table to develop an RFP that solicits solutions from top companies that are prepared to provide in-depth information on the costs of proposed solutions, impacts on the community, and reasonable timelines for implementation. Others have stepped forward with ideas of their own, including solutions related to trash pickup and recycling, promoting efficiency in Town-owned buildings.

A steering committee composed of local energy and financial stakeholders have been working closely with CORE through individual meetings to discuss parameters of the RFP and add their expertise. Now that we are close to having a draft ready, the steering committee will meet as an entire group prior to finalize the RFP prior to taking it in front of Town Council for final review. Then, it's off to various companies who will have the opportunity to respond with exciting proposals.

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Kelly Vaughn
May 17, 2013 at 12:49 PM
What do you think? Is this in line wiht Snowmass' values and priorities on the environment?

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