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Feb 14

Join Snowmass Rotary for their Mammoth Meltdown

Posted on February 14, 2014 at 10:53 AM by Kelly Vaughn

snowy meltdown_thumb.png

Mammoth Meltdown is the Snowmass Rotary Club’s new winter fundraiser and contest honoring the Snowmass Ice Age Discovery. The effort helps raise money for local charitable causes, in a very fun way.

According to mammothmeltdown.com, contest details are as follows:
  • Snowy the Mammoth is a steel sculpture that stands approximately 3 feet high and 3 feet in width, and is attached to an auto wheel sitting atop two horizontal steel rails, all of which creates a stable platform. Two calibrated analog clocks are encased in small boxes, and attached to a point on the wheel that is weighted. When the pond is sufficiently frozen and access is safe, Snowmass Rotary Club’s Mammoth Meltdown committee will launch Snowy onto the frozen pond.
  • During the spring thaw, as Snowy starts to lean into the pond, the Mammoth Meltdown Watch Committee will monitor the ice melt to determine when the clocks have submerged.
  • Upon submersion, the clocks will stop, the contest will end, and this will determine the winning time.

Guess the month, day, hour, and minute that snowy will be submerged on their website. The closest guesses win cash prizes.

We hope you participate in support of a great local organization. Good luck!


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