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Dec 16

Doing Any Holiday Shopping in Snowmass? Consider This...

Posted on December 16, 2013 at 2:37 PM by Kelly Vaughn

During the holidays, a lot of organizations share tips on buying local. Here's a few of our favorites.

1. When you spend a dollar locally, it multiplies
Local companies tend to bank with local banks, advertise in local newspapers, and purchase local services. Rather than leaking money out of the community, each dollar that is spent locally is reinvested and has a 'multiplier effect.'

2. Community Ownership
Local business owners live and invest in their communities, and have a vested interest in the same issues that other residents care about (e.g. schools, public amenities, etc.). This is one reason you see so many of our local business leaders active in local non-profits, Town boards, or volunteer programs.

3. Job Creation
Small, locally-owned businesses provide the largest share of net new jobs generated each year and also provide the most stable employment opportunities in a community.

4. Maintain Uniqueness
A resort-community like Snowmass Village depends on businesses that not only provide essential services, but also ones that add some local color. Ice Age Discvoery souvenirs or a book about the history of Snowmass probably won't be found on the shelves of a big-box retailer.

5. Get Better Service
When you shop locally, it's likely that you'll know the person behind the counter, and they'll know you. They have an understanding of the products they offer, and are willing to take the time to serve the customer.

6. Reduced Environmental Impact
Local businesses can make more local purchases requiring less transport. Also, if you don't have to get in your car and drive to Glenwood Springs, you're reducing your own carbon footprint associated with your holiday shopping.

Still not convinced? Check out this great infographic on the benefits of buying local.


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