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Nov 25

Winter Trail Maintenance in Snowmass Village

Posted on November 25, 2013 at 10:42 AM by Kelly Vaughn

You've heard a lot about the Road Division's plow strategy for roads and parking lots in Snowmass Village. But, did you know that the Town also has a plow and grooming strategy for our paved trail system?

The Snowmass Parks, Recreation, and Trails Department is responsible for 1.84 miles of plowed winter trail and 6.07 miles of groomed winter trail throughout the Village. By providing winter plowing and grooming service, the team hopes to keep our paved trail system in good condition all winter long so that visitors and residents can use these trails for both pedestrian transportation and recreation.

Trail plowing occurs when snowfall is greater than three inches. Grooming operations ramp up when snow depths have reached approximately 12 inches.

The full plowing/grooming plan is now available on our website, complete with a map of which trails (managed by TOSV and otherwise) are maintained throughout the Village.



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