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Oct 17

Efficiency Saves in Snowmass

Posted on October 17, 2013 at 12:57 PM by Kelly Vaughn

You may have read about recent green upgrades to Snowmass affordable housing, or saw a local ad encouraging you to complete a home energy audit. But, what you may not know is that a community partner is behind many of the efforts that have made many of our homes, offices, or government-owned buildings more efficient.

The Community Office for Resource Efficiency works cooperatively with businesses, individuals, utilities and government entities to create measurable improvements in energy and water efficiency in order to benefit the environment and develop a more sustainable economy. The Town of Snowmass Village, along with other local government entities, helps sponsor the non-profit organization.

By informing residents about residential rebates for energy saving projects, providing home energy audits for single-family or multi-unit residences, awarding grants for important Town energy upgrades, and participating on our Environmental Advisory Board, CORE continues to play an active role in driving down Snowmass Village's historically large energy appetite.                                              
CORE's recently published annual report provides an overview of the past year's successes in Snowmass Village and beyond. We encourage you to give it a read. Then, decide what services you can take advantage of in your own home. With today's snow, a nice cozy well-insulated home sounds pretty nice!

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