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Sep 12

6 (Good) Reasons to Take the Community Survey

Posted on September 12, 2013 at 8:37 AM by Kelly Vaughn

The 2013 Community Survey is coming next week! In preparation, we'd like to remind you of some of the great reasons to spend a bit of your time to tell us what you think.

1. We Need Your Help To Steer The Ship

According to the International City/County Management Association, the danger of citizen surveys is not that hey tell the captain which way the wind is blowing. Those who sail the ship of state need to know the weather to set the right course. The danger is that those who lead at the local level too often ignore the public and steer blindly. Good policy and good local management require a clear understanding of the preferences of local residents. The fairest way to bring the voice of the public to the table in deciding important public issues is through a good survey.

2. Some of Us Would Rather Watch Monday Night Football Than Go to a Council Meeting
Elected officials and local government staff need to hear more from the general public, as distinct from "the usual suspects" who attend board and council meetings.

3. It's Your Chance to Tell Us What You REALLY Think Anonymously
Hate this website? Go ahead and tell us without worrying that you are going to see me at the Village Market tomorrow. We want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. Please be honest.

4. Voices Big and Small, We Want to Hear From Them All
The community survey finds and gives voice to all types of citizens, full-time residents and part-time residents, business-owners and employees, shy people and outgoing people, people who are new to Town, and those who have been here for decades. The representative sample tapped in a community survey provides the point of view of the community-at-large.

5. We Aren't Just Going to Dump Your Responses in a Report and Forget About Them...We're Actually Going to Use This Stuff
The community survey not only helps departments set priorities and budgets, it is an important step in two long-term planning projects in particular. For example, to take the next step with developing a plan for the Entryway to Snowmass, we need to better understand community priorities as they relate to potential uses and their tradeoffs. Also Town staff and the Trails Commission need some direction from the public as they refine their update to the Trails Master Plan.

6. It's As Good As, Or The Next Best Thing to a Vote
Part-time residents or owners of businesses in Snowmass Village who live elsewhere in the Valley may not be able to register a vote here during the election season, but they do have a big stake in what happens in our community.

7. You Could Win Something!
Did I mention we are throwing some nice prizes into the mix? Those who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing to win some great prizes including an ipad, a certificate to a local restaurant, and a copy of "The History of Snowmass." Look for the page at the end of the survey which asks whether you'd like to be entered. Remember - if you enter your contact information on this page, it will be collected separate from your survey responses. All responses are anonymous.


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