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Aug 14

Base Village Update: Council Approves 1st Reading for Second Side of Viceroy

Posted on August 14, 2013 at 9:57 AM by Kelly Vaughn

During the August 12 Town Council Meeting, Council unanimously approved the first reading of the minor planned-unit development (PUD) amendment for Base Village building 13B, the second phase of the Viceroy.

Topics of Discussion
Public Improvements and Vesting: Council and staff generally agreed that discussion of Wood Rd. and Brush Creek Roundabout, Wood Rd. improvements, and Related Colorado’s vesting rights (which were addressed in a memo to staff available on this website) will occur when Related returns to Council with a major PUD amendment, addressing the larger vision for the Base Village development.

Utility Work: In connection with building 13B, the applicant is also proposing to install and/or repair and replace deep utilities including water and sewer servicing both building 13A (the current Viceroy building) and 13B. According to their application and construction management plan available online, the applicant proposes to perform the deep utilities work prior to the completion of construction work on Building 13B in an effort to alleviate the burden of under-capacity that may current exist with the water and sewer lines in Brush Creek Rd. This project will be conducted in a prominent public right-of-way. Therefore, Council sought options to minimize the Town’s risk if the project was not completed in the proposed timeline.

What’s Next?
The applicant, Snowmass Acquisition Company LLC will work with Town staff to create a restoration bond for the proposed deep utility work. Restoration bonds are surety bonds required by municipalities that guarantee restoration of land to its original condition.

The second reading of the minor PUD amendment for Base Village building 13B is on the agenda for the regular Town Council meeting on August 19th. This meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m. due to the USA Pro Challenge.


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