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Jul 19

Base Village: What's Coming from Council

Posted on July 19, 2013 at 10:26 AM by Kelly Vaughn

On May 15, the Snowmass Village Planning Commission recommended the approval of the application from the Snowmass Acquisition Company LLC for a minor PUD amendment to Base Village Building 13B. The full application and supporting materials are available on our website.

What’s Next?
The Snowmass Village Town Council will be looking at the application at two upcoming Council meetings:
  • August 5th: Public hearing – First reading of ordinance no 6, series of 2013 regarding the Base Village minor PUD amendment
  • August 19th: Public hearing – Second reading of ordinance no 6, series of 2013 regarding the Base Village minor PUD amendment
The agenda and packet for these Council meeting will be available on our website by the prior Thursday (you can subscribe to have Council agenda’s sent to your inbox automatically here).

In addition, at the August 5th meeting, Town Council will review an administrative modification draft record of decision on the Base Village Construction Management Plan amendment.

Community Development Director Steve Ferris explains what this means in layman’s terms.

“Council will be discussing two things. First, how can we make the impacts of a building project clean and orderly,” said Ferris. “Second, they’ll discuss how the Town can ensure that infrastructure, and other public improvements needed for the successful completion of the Base Village project (such as sewer lines or sidewalks) are installed in a timely manner.”

Opportunities for Community Input
Public input on the items listed above is welcome at the August 5th Town Council meeting. Members of the community are encouraged to attend in person, follow the meeting live online or on Grassroots TV, or follow on Twitter using #SnowmassTC. In addition, you can now weigh in on building and construction projects online with our request tracker.


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