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Apr 30

Snowmass Village Homeowners Choose Comfort, Lower Energy Bills

Posted on April 30, 2013 at 3:14 PM by Kelly Vaughn

Fifty dollars won't buy much these days (maybe a few pitchers of beer and burgers for two during après ski). But, thanks to CORE and the Colo. Energy Smart program, fifty bucks can give your family a holiday gift that keeps on giving: a more comfortable house-free of drafts and leaks-lower energy bills month-over-month, and peace of mind knowing that you did your part to lower your carbon footprint.

Households in Snowmass Village that want to save on their energy bills and have a more comfortable home for the holiday are currently eligible for additional rebates beyond what was available even just two years ago. Community Office for Resource Efficiency’s Energy Smart program offers a rebate of $500 on top of incentives from CORE and utilities. In total, your family may be eligible for as much as $23,000 in local rebates, plus almost $8,000 in federal tax credits. With the Energy Smart loan, now available throughout the region, monthly payments equal to or less than utility-bill savings can cover the remaining out-of-pocket costs.

This month, Snowmass Village Town Manager Russ Forrest, and Environmental Advisory Board member Carol Gaudin both had energy audits performed at their homes by Charlie Eckart of Aspen Thermo Consulting. Watch Russ' home energy audit.

This thorough assessment helped both homeowners to understand the easy and affordable improvements that could be made to save money in the short term, as well as laid out more aggressive opportunities that could reap even more payback and environmental benefit in the long term (such as on-site renewables).

The best place to start-like Carol and Russ-is with a home energy assessment of your own. Right now, Energy Smart assessments are just $50. This price is valid for any assessment completed in January if the resident signs up by Dec. 31. This service is valued at $400 and includes energy and cost-saving quick-fix measures installed on the spot, plus detailed recommendations for further improvements. After Jan. 1, the homeowner cost for assessments will be $100.

Why not set a New Year’s resolution to be a leader in your neighborhood? A combination of efficiency, conservation and renewable power makes a substantial difference for the planet. With CORE here to help, a low-impact lifestyle has never been easier or more affordable.


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