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Jul 17

Reviewing the Comprehensive Plan

Posted on July 17, 2013 at 1:41 PM by Kelly Vaughn

On July 1, Town Council and the Planning Commission held a joint meeting to take a look at the Town's Comprehensive Plan. Snowmass Village's Land Use Code requires a review of the Comp plan every 24 months through a "Comprehensive Plan Report." This is done to make sure that the Plan, which is intended to guide goals and objectives, remains current and reflective of Town values.

How does this process really work?

Step 1
Community Development starts by reviewing the Comp Plan internally. They meet with staff in various Town departments (e.g. Housing and Transportation) to get their comments on their respective areas of expertise and service.

Step 2
Community Development staff prepares proposals for the Planning Commission.

Step 3
The Planning Commission meets five times to discuss the Comp Plan and staff recommendations. The Commission produces a report for Council after the fifth meeting.

Step 4
The Planning Commission presents their Comprehensive Plan report to Council.

Step 5
If any amendments are considered by Council, they must hold a public hearing within 45 days must hold a public hearing. Then, two readings of an ordinance are required to modify any aspect of the Comp Plan.

Summary of Discussion
Full recommendations are available in the Town Council packet.

Aspiration Statement
Is Snowmass Village trying to be "the" leading mountain resort? Or, are we striving to be among the greatest? Planning Commission did not reach a conclusion, but wanted to incite a productive discussion on the topic.

Community Services, Facilities, and Amenities
Suggestions included adding a permanent performing arts facility to the list of desired Town amenities, language to reflect current thinking around making Snowmass Village more technologically connected, desired improvements for pedestrians and cyclists, plans for the entryway site, and improvements to storm water management infrastructure.

    Environmental Resources
    What statements need to be made to address the concept of economic sustainability vs. conserving energy and resources? And, as Snowmass Village approaches build out, what is the balance of new development and redevelopment?

    Actions and Implementation
    The Planning Commission recommended eliminating this chapter for the reasons that information easily becomes out of date, and the information may be redundant. Also, Russ Forrest pointed out that the Council's strategic plan has taken the role of providing a more timely update of goals and actions.Council expressed a desire for Chapter 10 to lay the foundation for the strategic plan.

    Discussion will continue in greater depth during the public hearing. Sign up for our Town Newsletter to make sure you stay up-to-date.


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