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Jul 15

Project Update: First things First

Posted on July 15, 2016 at 10:12 AM by Travis Elliott

Roundabout Rollout

Project Update: Friday, July 15

Excavation and Utility Work Continues Along Upper Brush Creek:

If you drove through the roundabout lately, you've probably noticed the heavy equipment and work taking place just above the intersection. Upper Brush Creek Road remains closed to allow construction crews to continue excavating and preparing the corridor for utility lines. 

Likewise, soil nailing continues to take place on the hillside along Upper Kearns and Brush Creek Road. Soil nailing is a technique that will stabilize the slope and allow a retaining wall and bus stop to be installed along the roadway.The retaining wall will ultimately be treated with decorative rock and will border the new up-valley bus stop.

Pedestrian / Bicycle Detour:

If you are pedaling or walking up Brush Creek Road, please use the detour in place on Brush Creek Trail. This detour bypasses the road closure and construction activity, and it is a much shorter route than the traffic detour in place on Carriage Way. A map is included below.

Crosswalk Installations on Brush Creek Road:

Contractors have started installing the permanent crosswalks in front of the Conoco that will cross Brush Creek Road. The special concrete will cure quickly, allowing workers to complete the entire crossing by next week, with few traffic interruptions.

As construction crews cut asphalt and pour concrete in these new crosswalks, drivers can expect the lanes on Brush Creek Road to be shifted. Please use caution.


Rock Breaking Upper Brush 
Rock breaking and excavation work is still taking place on Upper Brush Creek. 
Crosswalk installation 
Permanent crosswalks are now being installed across Brush Creek Road. 
Soil Nailing 
Soil nailing operations stabilize the slope that borders the corner. 
Ped Bike Detour 
A ped/bike detour is in place for those traveling up Brush Creek Road. 

Check out the latest images and time lapse video on the project website, Project Images

Additional Information:

Construction Hours:
Monday - Saturday
7:00am - 6:00pm

Project Hotline and Contacts:


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