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Jun 19

Steering Committee Gets Snowmass Village One Step Closer to Clean Energy RFP

Posted on June 19, 2013 at 12:02 PM by Kelly Vaughn

A request for proposal to solicit potential solutions for a significant efficiency/renewable energy project to offset major Town energy costs is one step closer to completion. 

The best solutions that come to the table will be considered for investment using the Holy Cross Community Enhancement Fund.

Earlier this month, a steering committee met to discuss and refine a draft of the RFP before it is presented to Council on July 1. 

The committee consists of stakeholders from government, business, and energy sectors uniquely positioned to provide valuable input throughout the process of issuing and reviewing the RFP. Members include:
  • Mona Newton, Executive Director, Community Office for Resource Efficiency
  • Diana Golis, Sr. Manager Power Supply and Contracts, Holy Cross Energy
  • Joani Matranga, Policy, Regulatory and Outreach Associate - Western Slope, Colo. Energy Office
  • Auden Schendler, Vice President of Sustainability, Aspen Skiing Company
  • Dan Seif, Principal, Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Jesse Morris, Consultant, Rocky Mountain Institute
  • Nick Reitter, Facilities Maintenance Superintendent, Town of Snowmass Village
  • Russ Forrest, Town Manager, Town of Snowmass Village
  • Kelly Vaughn, Director of Communications, Town of Snowmass Village
  • Lindsay Palardy, Environmental Advisory Board member, Town of Snowmass Village
  • Debbie Shore, Environmental Advisory Board member, Town of Snowmass Village
Discussion focused on two major areas: what information should be provided in the RFP to make sure respondents had adequate information to submit a viable and cost-effective option, and what do we want respondents to include in their proposals. 

What should we provide in the RFP?
  • High-level project goals, and criteria of the Holy Cross Community Enhancement Fund
  • Breakdown of municipal energy use, as well as a breakdown of Town-wide energy use for various industries, as RFP respondents may pursue broader opportunities for a public/private partnership 
  • Specify that we are open to exploring both supply-side and demand-side solutions
  • What has been tried in Snowmass Village, or looked at already by the Town and/or businesses (e.g. SkiCo), and were determined to be unfeasible from a technical or economic perspective, or what has been implemented already and deemed a success
  • Preference for integrative options that provide multiple benefits with single expenditures
What we should ask for from RFP respondents?
  • Cost of saved energy as a way to quantify the ROI of a project
  • Quantify both up-front cost and annual costing, and how the project would be the best value for the investment, describing any rebates or other incentives and grants that could be leveraged.
  • Public education
  • Potential to leverage public/private partnerships available in Town
What would you like to see in the RFP? Weigh in below. Also, we encourage you to attend or watch the July 1 Town Council meeting to learn more, and follow the discussion.


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