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Jun 05

SkiCo's Recap of Winter and Sneak Peek of Summer

Posted on June 5, 2013 at 11:52 AM by Kelly Vaughn

During the June 3rd Town Council Meeting, Aspen SkiCo presented great news from winter, 2013, and excited the community with a preview of summer highlights. Here's a look at the high points of their presentation.

1. Reinvestment in our lodges and group sales are paying off
2013 was a strong year for group sales, which created a good foundation for occupancy. Groups such as the Mountain Travel Symposium packed lodges and local businesses alike. Snowmass Marketing, Tourism, & Group Sales, Aspen SkiCo, and the lodging community will continue to collaborate to build on this banner season. 

2. March snow saved our season
Snow depths in March (which were significantly higher than 2012) were extremely helpful in extending the ski season, and driving March occupancy. Having Easter at the end of March didn't hurt either. Steve Sewell also noted that the past winter's storms were perfectly timed before long weekends or holidays. 

3. SkiCo is moving on from Sneaky's and the Snowmass Club
But, this in no way reflects their level of investment in Snowmass Village. Other activities and investments such as Elk Camp, Ullr Nights, and others show quite the opposite. 

4. New Director of Business Development on the payroll
To show their strong commitment to year-round offerings, SkiCo created a new position to drive summer events, and other operations "outside of skiing." 

5. Ziegler Reservoir was critical
The Ziegler Reservoir project (which is more well-known for the Ice Age Discovery than for the important role that it plays in local water efficiency) presented a win-win-win because the SkiCo could up their snow-making efforts, Snowmass Water & Sanitation could maintain water reserves for domestic use, and adequate water levels could be maintained at Brush Creek. 

6. If you liked Ullr Nights, check out Valhalla Nights
Ullr Nights were an incredibly popular offering each Friday during the winter. SkiCo hopes to build on this family-friendly event in the summer by offering Valhalla Nights at Elk Camp each Friday. 

7. Mountain biking may be expanded pending Forest Service approval
Once new trails are completed, Snowmass Mountain will include more trail offerings for a wider variety of mountain bikers from beginner to expert. This is one of many steps in a long-line of trails projects that can be developed between SkiCo, and the Town. 

8. Help spread the word and build the buzz
"Snowmass is so great...I had no idea" is something we've heard all too often. SkiCo, TOSV, and our entire community can help spread the word about the great activities and amenities that Snowmass Village offers. Bend the ear of a potential visitor when you get the chance. 

The full presentation before Council is available on our website. What was your highlight from this past winter? And, what are you most looking forward to this summer?


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