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Oct 27

TOSV Staff Weigh in on Why we Serve Snowmass

Posted on October 27, 2014 at 2:37 PM by Kelly Vaughn

Sponsored by the Colorado Municipal League and proclaimed by Gov. John Hickenlooper, Colorado Cities & Towns Week Oct. 20-26th is an opportunity for municipalities to inform residents about the vital services provided by their city or town.

In Snowmass Village, the services the town organization provides are hard to miss. You regularly see our shuttles moving countless residents and visitors, trash trucks hauling solid waste and recycling, and police officers maintaining community safety. What's less obvious--and arguably more compelling--are the reasons why town employees choose to do the work that they do. For Colorado Cities & Towns Week, we asked town employees, "why do you choose to serve your community?" Below are a few favorites

"I love serving and being active in a local community where you see and feel the impact of the services that are provided."
- Anne Martens, Director of Public Works

"I want to influence quality development within the community that will help to maintain our property values which in turn will provide the amenities we enjoy as residents that improve our quality of life here in the Village."
- Julie Ann Woods, Director of Community Development

"I love my job and I love serving those who live and visit my community, I love providing historical information and helping people. "
- Rhonda Coxon, Town Clerk

"Local governments provide the basic core services for human existence."
- Jim Wahlstrom, Town Planner

"Engaging local citizens and showing them that they play a role in shaping their community is rewarding. I want people to know that their voice matters."
- Kelly Vaughn, Director of Communications

"I get to tell the whole world about what an amazing place we live in; it doesn’t get much better than that!"
- Mar Naibi, Snowmass Tourism Social and Leisure Sales Manager

"Betterment for all."
- David Peckler, Transportation Director

Lean more about Colorado Cities and Town's week on their website. And, learn more about the services provided by the Town of Snowmass Village online, or by downloading our annual report.


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