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May 28

Five Things to do in Snowmass in the "Offseason"

Posted on May 28, 2013 at 4:57 PM by Kelly Vaughn

Memorial Day has come and gone, and even though people were skiing Ajax last weekend, we are ALMOST ready for summer. But, that doesn't mean there aren't a few more weeks of the cool, calm solitude we like to call the offseason. Running out of ideas? Here are a few to get you through to that first Thursday night concert.

Hit the Snowmass Recreation Center pool

Memorial weekend was gorgeous, so to celebrate the ability to walk outside without five layers of clothing, my family and I hit the Snowmass Recreation Center pool. The staff was incredibly friendly—offering an infant floaty for my five month-old, and an empathetic smile when she screamed after we put her in it. There were just enough people there for a vibrant atmosphere, but not so many that you had trouble finding a chaise lounge. Plus, we saw a handful of other families we knew. Of course, kids aren’t required, but they do give you a good excuse to go down the water slide.

Check out the businesses that are open
The rumors are true. There are some restaurants and businesses in Snowmass Village that brave the offseason. Less traffic means you’ll always have a seat, you can eat or browse at your leisure, and best of all, you can get to know you’re local merchants on a first-name basis. Tasters, Sage, Village Tavern, Espresso Café, Starbucks, Snowmass Kitchen, and Vue are open for off-season eats and drinks, and Sundance, Daly Bottle Shop, Grain Fine Food, Wildflowers, Alpine Bank, The North Face, Patagonia, and Aspen Sports are open-for-business year-round as well.

Have the trails almost all to yourself
During a run (ok..a jog) up the Rim Trail last week, I was awestruck by not just the scenery, spring colors, smells, and solitude, I was impressed by the sense of community that exists on our area trails. Passerby are few and far between, but those you do see are usually other community-members out there enjoying the day for the very same reasons. There’s always a smile, a hello, and just a long enough break to catch my breath before my heart pounds out of my chest. Check our website to make sure the trail your choosing is open, as seasonal closures are in effect to protect wildlife.

Get engaged in local government

The lifts may have closed, but the doors at Town Hall are still open. The Road Division has been completing various paving and crack sealing projects, Community Development is processing TUPs day and night, the Recreation Center has completed their spring cleaning, the Transportation Department is keeping the Village Shuttle running safety and smoothly, and Animal Services are helping minimize bear/human conflicts as the hungry critters wake up from hibernation. In the midst of all of this action, there’s plenty of long-term projects that can benefit from community engagement. Our website provides new ways to engage with local government, but there’s no substitute for attending council meetings, or board and commission meetings in person to have your opinion heard. Keep an eye on our calendars—or better yet—sign up for automatic notifications to see what meetings or projects align with your interests.

Make your plans for the summer
A busy summer events schedule kicks off June 7th with the Snowmass Mammoth Fest, and it’s all downhill from there! Whether you love music, food, or a good ‘ol adrenaline rush, there’s just about something to do every week this summer in Snowmass Village. Jump on our events calendar, synch it with your calendar, buy tickets, and check out your transportation options. Then, throw these amazing plans up on Facebook so all of your friends get jealous, or start arguing over who is going to stay at your place.

What is your favorite thing to do in Snowmass Village in the offseason? Add your ideas below.


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