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Sep 30

Details of Brush Creek, Wood Rd. Roundabout Discussed at Sep 22 Mtg

Posted on September 30, 2014 at 9:48 AM by Kelly Vaughn

Please note that official Council meeting minutes on this item from will be posted at a later date.

Many members of the community have been vocal in their desire to have the roundabout, a milestone associated with the Base Village development, completed. While consensus exists that the project is moving forward, the 'devil's in the details' so to speak on how the project is actually designed and executed.

Roundabout Update
Staff and developers have been working on a design for the roundabout at Brush Creek Rd. and Wood Rd. with the goals to ease traffic, facilitate movement,minimize conflicts, improve pedestrian safety, amongst other considerations. The presentation aimed to give the Council an update of where the design is currently, and get feedback.

Town engineer kicked off the discussion with some history of "why a roundabout," and the constraints of the site such as wetlands, topography, and grade.

Along with these constraints, there are competing interests at the site. The Conoco and access to their business, pedestrian movements, and bus service/bus stops in this area further complicate the design, forcing continued collaboration and compromise amongst various stakeholders. Check out the design on pages 6-8 of the Council packet.

Roundabout Design.JPG

An element of the design that has generated some community debate as covered recently in the Aspen Daily News is the access to the Conoco gas station (the design proposes that the gas station is accessed via Kearns Rd. rather than Brush Creek Rd.).

The owners of the Conoco expressed their concerns and provided ideas to mitigate the impacts to their business. These concerns include entrance/exit to the station, and the loss of parking spaces.

In addition, staff and the design team sought Council direction on the design/placement of a retaining wall that would be erected on the Draw Site (a piece of Town-owned land just across from Town Hall).

Next Steps
The Council requested that staff come back with more information on two items: the retaining wall and impact on the Draw Site, and impacts on the Snowmass Conoco. This follow up is scheduled for October 6th.


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