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Jun 20

Events Bring more than a Tourism Boost to Snowmass

Posted on June 20, 2014 at 10:25 AM by Kelly Vaughn

Big Mountain Enduro, the event bringing 300 elite mountain bikers to Snowmass Village this weekend for two days of racing on lift accessed terrain and the surrounding trails, has donated $3,000 in labor to construct a new approximately 100 foot boardwalk/bridge on the Nature Trail. This trail will be used for approximately three hours for racers on Sunday, Jun.22nd. However, this investment will have a lasting benefit to the community.

The bridge was installed just this week with the help of our Parks, Recreation and Trails Department (who contributed time and materials). This investment not only helps enhance user safety, but also helps protect plant species that were previously compromised by trail users stepping off trail to avoid hazards that the bridge now bypasses. In also promises to enhance the trail user’s experience, providing a prime viewing platform to take in the scenery.
“This boardwalk feature is a great addition to the trail,” said Ted O’Brien, Town of Snowmass Village Trails Manager. “It’s great that the organizers for the Big Mountain Enduro saw an opportunity to leave a positive footprint here. We’re not only excited for the event, but pleased to have a new amenity.”

The first-year event in Snowmass Village is following in the footsteps of other successful new events and great community stewards. For example, the Ragnar Trail Relay held just two weekends ago partnered with “Leave No Trace,” and promoted itself as a zero waste event. Snowmass Mammoth Fest also worked diligently to minimize their environmental footprint with a heavy commitment to recycling, composting, and steering clear of non-recyclable materials.

Learn more about the Big Mountain Enduro event, and associated trail restrictions on Saturday Jun. 21, and Sunday Jun. 22. Please note that racers receive a disqualification if they are caught riding the Nature Trail prior to the race. This is enforced to minimize impacts.


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