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May 28

New Town Land Acquisition Underway

Posted on May 28, 2013 at 4:56 PM by Kelly Vaughn

The Town of Snowmass Village may soon acquire a new plot of land.

This 66 acre land parcel, located near the Town entryway and Rodeo Place, is considered an asset for the Town for three reasons:
  1. A potential future site for employee housing: Approximately 1.75 acres would be suitable for future employee housing. TOSV has conducted feasibility studies to understand carrying capacity, and determine whether this site could accommodate employee housing in the future.

  2. Open space: The majority of this land parcel would be deeded to the Town under a conservation easement, ensuring that it is preserved for open space in perpetuity.

  3. Lifting a deed restriction on a plot of land the Town already owns: The current landowner of this parcel controls a deed restriction on a small piece of land that the Town already owns (the small slice along Brush Creek Rd. as you approach the Brush Creek/Owl Creek round-about where the small booths currently sit). Once this deed restriction is lifted, the Town can "control their fate" with this land.

The price tag is $700,000, which can be paid for using the Floor Area Excise Tax. Before this transaction is closed, there has to be a subdivision application - to split a portion of the property off to sell to the Town.

This is expected to close on an expedited schedule (as the applicant will not be changing any zoning or asking for any entitlements). This could be in front of Council in July, then close approximately 45 days after that.

The contract was approved by Town Council with a vote of five in favor, and none against.


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