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March 25, 2020 8:00 AM

Snowmass Construction Site Closure Notice as of March 23rd, 2020

In order to comply with the March 23rd Pitkin County Health Order, all construction in Snowmass is not allowed. Detailed instructions and wildlife regulations are outlined below.

Construction Site Closure Notice for Snowmass Village

In order to comply with the March 23, 2020 Pitkin County health order, residential and commercial construction sites may continue minimum basic operations until March 31, 2020 for the purpose of their workers safely securing and closing their construction sites. All site workers must follow the six-foot social distancing separation guideline while on site prior to closure on March 31st.
No construction will be allowed beginning April 1, 2020 until April 17, 2020 per the health order.

During this pause in construction, for emergency repairs to ensure basic life safety in commercial and residential structures, contact Chief Building Official Mark Kittle at (970) 379-8867.
Those workers that need to extend close-up procedures to Sunday, March 29 in order to safely secure their site, will need to submit a request to do so to Mark Kittle or Cindy Ford by email. mkittle@tosv.com or cford@tosv.com. Please contact the department by 5 p.m. on Thursday March 26. Only work associated with securing the site will be allowed on Sunday March 29.

Community Development (Planning, Building)

The Community Development Department will provide service to the public through employees working remotely until further notice. Meetings may be conducted through various virtual meeting formats.
Builder and Planner email and voicemail accounts will be monitored throughout each business day. It is best to e-mail as voice messages may not be checked as often. Timely responses should be expected as time and volume permits.
Please use the Community Development web page customer portal for: permitting, building permit applications, inspections, and other community development services. Meetings must be scheduled in advance via the Planner or Builder phone/email or directly with the staff with whom you’ve been working. Land use applications can be submitted electronically directly to the planner with whom you’ve been working. Payments can be made through our website mail or appointment if no alternative is available.

BEST testing suspended until further notice. Expired licenses will be extended as needed until testing resumes.
Key Emails:

Permit Submittals: Cindy Ford cford@tosv.com
Building Inspections and Inquires: Mark Kittle mkittle@tosv.com
Land use/planning Inquires: Brian McNellis bmcnellis@tosv.com
Building Plan Review: Rob Weien rweien@tosv.com
All other Planning Matters: Julie Ann Woods jwoods@tosv.com
Jim Wahlstrom jwahlstrom@tosv.com

Main Line: 970-923-5524 Ext 706
Fax Line: 970-923-1861

Wildlife Requirements for all Construction Sites

Thank you for past efforts to keep your construction site clean. Bear season is upon us already and they are starting to be active. Your help is critical if we are to successfully co-exist with wildlife in Snowmass Village. If a bear can access food at your construction site, it quickly becomes habituated. The bear changes from a foraging bear, to a bear focused on garbage as a food source. Before April 1st, 2020 PLEASE clear construction site of ALL EDIBLE FOOD, DRINK, TRASH THAT SMELLS like coffee cups, cans, Gatorades. PLEASE clear all sites of unsecured microwaves as well. All roll offs must be clear of edible and smelly food, wrappers and cans. Animal Services are still working, and we will be inspecting job sites for any food refuse. No warnings will be issued, we will go directly to citations this year. Questions, please call us, 970.923.5330x242

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