Infrastructure Improvement Projects

The Town of Snowmass Village ensures that existing infrastructure is adequately maintained and that the construction of future infrastructure is completed with minimal impacts on the community. The Town understands the current condition of its infrastructure and performs maintenance and construction accordingly. 


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2023 Capital Projects

Capital projects are part of Town operations and help maintain or improve municipal infrastructure. For 2023, the Town will perform work on several capital projects. The following projects will impact local travel and service delivery:

  • Snowmass Mall Transit Center - The planned Snowmass Village Transit Center will improve transit services in town. Village Shuttle and RFTA services currently operate out of two separate locations. The planned transit center will improve efficiency and rider experience by creating a single location for service. The planned transit center includes features and amenities that benefit guests and riders such as improved waiting areas, public restrooms, replacement parking, a driver’s breakroom, pedestrian walkways, and escalators or elevators. More information is available online.
  • Town Park Renovation Project (Phase I & II) - This project will initiate the Town Park Master Plan by completing and beautifying the entryway to Snowmass Village. The 2023 budget will cover the cost of reorienting the rodeo, improving the parking area, and creating a flexible field space. Phase II will create a maintenance facility under new rodeo grandstands. More information is available online.
  • Brush Creek Road & Owl Creek Road Intersection Improvements - The first phase of this project is to take the overall intersection to 30% design and 100% design for the culvert replacement/improvement project. This includes the replacement of the culvert under Brush Creek Road. 
  • Hard & Soft-surface Trail Improvements - Improvements to trails including sections of the Owl Creek Trail. 
  • Street Improvements – Paving Projects - This project is for the paving/reconstruction of the Town's roadways. Projects identified for this year are the sections of Ridge Road, Oak Ridge Road, and Wood Road.
  • Multimodal Improvements - Several multimodal projects will be performed around town including repairs to decking on the Woodbridge, connecting Village nodes, and improving pedestrian routes along Brush Creek.
  • Municipal Fiber Network (Phase I & II) - Connect town nodes, pull fiber, and building penetrations. The next phase of the project will be to connect Town Hall to the Housing Department facility and the Mall Transit Station.

View the full list of approved 2023 Capital Projects (PDF) online.