Entryway to Snowmass

Where Exactly is the Entryway?

What is known as the entryway site is the area along Brush Creek Rd. just after the intersection of Brush Creek and Highline Rd. It currently includes the rodeo grounds, Snowmass Village Recreation Center, among additional amenities.

Entryway Planning Diagram

Background on Entryway Planning

In 2003 staff, Town Council, and the community hired a consultant team and began planning and designing for construction of the entryway. Once the conceptual "Entryway Master Plan" was refined, design and construction of the Recreation Center and Pool began in August of 2005. Entryway planning and construction continued for the next 3 years.

Before the economic down turn the intent was to complete the last phase of the entryway site which included the "Rodeo Arena Area" and the "Visitor Center Site." However Town Council put these efforts on hold in early 2008 due to the economic recession. The entryway project has now been listed in the Town’s Capital Improvement Program.

Staff expect to re-start this project in 2018.

Potential Program Elements

Potential program elements for the Rodeo Arena area and the Visitor Center site were identified through the 2009 Entryway Master Plan, the 2007 Community Survey, the 2010 Comprehensive Plan, and ideas suggested by Council and staff.

Rodeo Arena Area

Visitor Center Site

  • Open air multi-purpose arena
  • Enclosed multi-purpose arena
  • Rodeo              
  • Day skier parking            
  • Parks maintenance building           
  • Horse rental facility           
  • Pavilion        
  • Additional playing fields
  • Solid waste/recycling facility
  • Community room (rental)
  • Ice rink
  • Dog park
  • Indoor tennis courts
  • Pond enhancements

  • Information building
  • Nature center
  • Exhibit related to the Ice Age Discovery
  • Lodge reservation
  • Activity reservation
  • Arrival pavilion
  • Baggage transfer station
  • Museum