Road Maintenance

The Town’s Road Division is dedicated to providing the community with high quality, cost effective, and timely maintenance of Town roadways, a total of 39 lane miles.

Responsibilities of the Road Division include:

  • Snow and ice control and removal
  • Street and ditch cleaning
  • Storm water management
  • Sign maintenance, repair, and replacement
  • Street marking
  • Mowing, weed control, and brush removal
  • Streetlight maintenance
  • Event banner installation and maintenance
  • Asphalt paving and concrete repairs, crack sealing, and grading of gravel roads


The Road Division equipment inventory includes a motor grader, 3-front end loaders, a skid steer, 4-dump/sand/ plow trucks, a backhoe, a mini excavator, an Elgin street sweeper, a water/street flusher truck, a lift bucket trailer, and 3 pickup trucks. Please exercise caution when encountering this equipment on Snowmass Village roadways.

Seasonal Road Weight Limits

Heavy Loads Restricted March 15 - June 15

Seasonal weight limits go into effect beginning March 15th each year to protect our secondary subdivision roadways when roadway sub bases are wet and soft. The maximum gross vehicle weight limit for these roadways are 40,000 pounds. This restriction is in place through June 15th.

Apply for a One Trip Exemption:
You can learn more and apply for an exemption permit by following the link below.

Exemption Application

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