Animal Services

Seasonal Trail Closures

Many local trails are closed during the winter and/or spring to protect sensitive wildlife areas. Please respect trail closures.

View active seasonal trail closures.

Domestic and Wildlife Ordinances

Snowmass Village Animal Officers respond to calls concerning domestic animals, livestock and wildlife. The town boundaries are surrounded by wilderness and open space. Through education, we encourage residents to peacefully co-exist with wildlife. The town’s domestic animal (PDF) and wildlife ordinances (PDF) are available.

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Animal Services offers the following services:

News & Updates:

Seasonal Trail Closures

Local trails closing December 1, 2017:

  • Rim Trail North
  • Seven Star
  • Upper North Mesa Equestrian Trail
  • Sky Mountain Park

Bears are Back!

It's bear season again, which means we all need to be Bear Aware and extra diligent with our trash and food. To learn more about how to be Bear Aware. visit the Bear Education page.