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Roundabout Sculpture
On Tuesday, June 27th, the roundabout sculpture was successfully installed. Check out the photos from the installation and dedication ceremony in the slideshow below:


Letter from the Artist:
Dale Claude Lamphere
February 1, 2017

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The proposed sculpture, with the working title “Double Black Diamond”, visually distills into abstract form the precipitous speed and balance of downhill skiing. 

Careful consideration was given to the 360-degree location, with the view from the parking at Base Village revealing a graceful curve that resonates with the roofline of the city administration building. Coming up Brush Creek Road, the sculpture echoes the slope of the hillside adjacent to the rock wall with signage, which remains fully visible.

 The sculpture is designed to meet all sight line requirements of its location. The footing resides within the designated unrestricted area on the uphill side of the easement.

“Double Black Diamond” will be created entirely of 316 stainless steel and creek rock, with the following dimensions:  22’6” tall x 11’ wide x 7’ deep.

The sculpture will be constructed according to highest industry standards and fully warrantied for a period of two years. 

I will assist the Town in the design of the footings and base, and deliver and install the sculpture with the assistance of the Town.

The images provided are of a clay model 18 inches tall, and are inadequate to describe the crisp and dynamic character of the final creation. As always, I will continue to refine and develop throughout the process. My goal is to create a sculpture of singular beauty and meaning for the Town of Snowmass.

Please contact me if you have any questions or recommendations.


Dale Claude Lamphere