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Trash Art Project
What is the Trash Art Project?

The Trash Art Project is a collaborative effort between local artists, the Snowmass Art Advisory Board (SAAB) and the Town of Snowmass Village Transportation Department.  The project aims to provide exposure to local artists and bring public art to the Village in places where people already gather, shuttle stops.  

The Trash Art Project is a response to change after years of making large art purchases from single artists to place off the beaten path. Now, the SAAB is shifting their focus towards developing relationships with multiple artists and placing art in highly frequented areas. 

Individual artists will have the opportunity to “muralize” one of the bear-proof trash cans at each of the 16 Town shuttle stops. This is a new, inclusive approach which engages multiple local artists, spreads investment throughout our town and utilizes existing infrastructure.  The SAAB recognizes that public art builds community, stimulates the economy and promotes cultural consciousness. 

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The Board is encouraging local artists to submit proposals with description, bio information and examples of or link to portfolio work.  For more information, please contact us at the information below:
  • Chase Anderson
  • Planner, Community Development Department 
  • Email

Check out the clip below to learn more about Chris Erickson, and the first installment of the Trash Art Project. 

Chris Erickson

Residence: Carbondale


Lily Shah

Residence: Snowmass Village


Bio: I received my Master degree from Springfield College in Springfield, Massachusetts
where I was trained as an art therapist. I believe that people have the innate ability to create from within.  I am inspired by my surroundings and by color.  I love being involved in the community and believe that public art projects are a great way for people to appreciate their surroundings, engage, and invest in the community.

Design: The drawings on the trash can are created from photos I have taken around Snowmass Village.
  The main feature of the drawing is the mountain itself, which wraps around the entire trash can.  Each side is distinguished by a different mountain scene, time of day and activity in Snowmass Village.  One side is spring, with flowers I photographed in Snowmass.  Another side features the Snowmass Balloon festival.  Another side features a person biking in the moon light. The top of the can will have rainbow design connecting all of the scenes.  I believe this would be a good addition to a the Trash Art Project to demonstrate the natural beauty of Snowmass Village and the different activities that exist for visitors and locals.

Lily Shah webimage.jpg