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Plans & Reports
Annual Reports
Annual Reports present data, statistics, and figures that show how we are performing as a Town. They identify a variety of performance indicators that aim to evaluate our performance as a service organization, and dig deeper into various departments to showcase the people and processes 'behind the service.' Reports, available by year can be downloaded in our Document Center

Download the 2014 Annual Report E-Edition
AnnualReport Thumb_thumb.jpg
The latest "State of the Village" 2014 Annual Report is the Town's first report published as an e-edition an available for online viewing. A limited number of print copies are available at Snowmass Village Town Hall at 130 Kearns Rd.

Strategic Plan
The Town’s strategic plan provides common goals, direction, and corresponding actions for Town of Snowmass Village Council members and administrators. The framework for this plan was created in the spring of 2012 and updated in March of 2015. It serves as a working document for the next few years to help inform and prioritize actions, and provide accountability for the completion of Council’s goals. This document is updated on a regular basis. For the most recent version, visit our Town Council Strategic Goals Page.

Community Survey
A Community Survey was administered in 2007 to mine community sentiment on a wide variety of issues, and gauge the level of satisfaction with Town services and operations. This survey was updated in fall 2013.