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Several major public works projects are under way in addition to routine maintenance and repair of Town infrastructure.

Current Projects 
Pedestrian Safety
The Public Works Department in collaboration with the Transportation Department and Police Department is identifying improvements for high priority intersections and pedestrian corridors in an effort to improve public safety.

The Public Works Department in collaboration with business and community representatives is developing a strategy and implementation plan to improve signage throughout Snowmass Village to facilitate navigation, and highlight the Town’s numerous amenities.

Entryway Planning
In collaboration with the Public Works Department, Community Development is working to devise a plan for a modification for the entryway to Snowmass.

Trails Master Plan
By updating the Trails Master Plan, the Public Works Department and Parks, Recreation, & Trails Division aim to map out a future for a world-class trails system that offers year-round recreational opportunities to residents and visitors. Specifically, the update will:
  • Address how we enlist other stakeholders to help maintain a seamless trails system throughout our community
  • Assess how our trails system is used by residents and guests for a variety of recreational purposes
  • Evaluate how our trails system fits together with other town assets
  • Evaluate our trails system’s role in promoting economic vitality in Snowmass Village
  • Detail actions needed to achieve our goals
  • Recommend policies, resources, and a timeline for implementation