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Budget Development
The budget fiscal year covers the calendar year from January 1 – December 31. The Town’s budget process provides for the creation of a budget that meets the service needs of the community within the resources available from previous years and current year revenues. Each year, the Town Council holds a goal setting retreat with the Town Manager and Department Heads to identify goals for the future, projects needed to meet these goals, and changes in service levels. Council goals form the basis for the budget.

View our Current and Past Budgets
Our current budget is available online. Click on the topics in the Table of Contents to take you to the sections that you would like to view.

2017 Budget Book

budget book 2017

2016 Budget Book



download the full 2015 Budget Book.

 2015 Budget by Section
1. Introduction
  • Budget message
  • List of Town Officials
  • Organizational Chart
  • Staffing Levels
  • Statistical Review
  • Town Map
  • Goals for the future
2. Budget Policies and Development
  • Legal Requirements
  • Budget Preparation & Review
  • Capital Budget Process
  • Budget Adoption
  • Budget Method
  • Budget Basis
  • Budget & Accounting Control
  • Budget Changes
  • Budget Schedule
3. Financial Overview
  • Fund Structure & Description
  • Fund Type Breakdown
  • Fund Summary
  • Financial Overview
  • Financial Policies
  • Revenue Policies
  • Expenditure Policies
  • Fund Balances 
  • Revenues
  • Expenditures
  • Grants & Donations
  • Debt Service
  • Capital Expenditures
  • Operating Capital
  • Cash Purchases
  • Cash Purchases Listing
4. General Fund Budget Detail
  • General Fund Budget Summary
  • General Fund Revenues
  • Departmental Summaries
  • One-Time Capital
5. Supplemental Funds Budget Detail
  • Debt Service Fund
  • Lottery Fund
  • RETT Fund
  • Mill Levy Fund
  •  Excise Tax Fund
  • Marketing & Special Events Fund
  • Capital Improvement Programs Fund
  • Group Sales Fund
  • Renewable Energy Offset Program Fund
  • Housing Fund
  • Mountain View I Fund
  • Mountain View II Fund
6. Related Information
  • Revenue/Expenditures Allocation
  • Glossary


Contact our Finance Department at 970-923-3796.