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Bear Education
 Bear Facts:
  • Snowmass Village is in PRIME BLACK BEAR HABITAT. 
  • Bears live in the ASPEN ZONE where we build our homes. 
  • Natural food sources for bears are not at 11,000 feet, they are in the ASPEN UNDERSTORY. 
  • Human-bear conflicts will increase when we leave food sources outside our homes. 
  • Birdfeeders are a POTENT BEAR ATTRACTANT and draw bears to the windows of your home.  

Bear Resistant Trash Containers:
For a listing of approved wildlife trash containers, refer to our Resource List.

Bear Sightings:
To report a bear sighting in Snowmass Village, please contact Snowmass Village Animal Services at 923-5330. The information that you provide is used to track their movement and behavior, and will help  keep Black Bears alive. 

Trapping and relocating wildlife is a last resort
.  A bear gets one relocation and its second contact results in euthanasia.  Wildlife sightings are part of mountain life; appreciate and respect an animal's right to thrive.

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